Dear visitor,

This object (Hight: 21 cm, Width 16 cm, Thickness 7 cm) is made out of folded paper and paper-maché. To create this shape I folded the paper into a full sided slip case*. I filled this paper object with paper-maché to give it some weight and more shape. I waited some weeks for it to dry. When it had finally dried I wasn’t satisfied at all about the shape and I had to change it. I cut it into two halves. This happens a lot to me while working on a object. The final shape is very different what my plan was when I started.

I have always been interested in old craft techniques in a contemporary way and I also try to interpret, to re-use this knowledge. I am fascinated by the seemingly simple ways of folding paper or creating books that are used for centuries. By working with this I feel part of that tradition.

This object is a shape on my studio wall. I like to try out or research certain color and material combinations. The color changes on the object when the light hits the object. And it seems a totally different color. For me that is painting. Light that emphazises the spaciousness of an object on the wall.

Wilma Vissers

* The design for a full sided slip case can be found in “The Art of the Fold” by Heidi Kyle and Ulla Warcholl.